Result and Output


The expected impact on the target groups of legal practitioners is to improve their professional competences on victims’ compensation procedure and to facilitate their work and increase its efficiency by improved compensation scheme & good practices developed.

Thanks to these attainments, victims’ support providers will be better prepared to offer more appropriate and qualified assistance to victims of sexual crimes by guiding them on how to obtain the compensation, what is the procedure, administrative requirement etc. The final beneficiaries of the project actions will be victims of sexual violence that will directly benefit from the results of this project by:

  • Gaining an access to more structured and user-friendly information on compensation schemes
  • Obtaining better assistance by legal practitioners and victims’ support organisations
  • Enhance possibility to obtain a far and appropriate compensation for the harm suffered

Considering the vast scope of project activities, the expected results of the FAIRCOM Project are:

  • Increased capacity of national practitioners to address issue of compensation to victims
  • Improved public awareness and knowledge about victims’ rights to compensation in 5 EU participating countries and at the overall EU level
  • Strengthened cooperation among the competent national authorities, NGOs and professional organisations in the field of victims’ right to compensation
  • Enhanced quality of the services provided by victims’ support organisations in relation to the compensation.

Outputs of the project

  • Database of victims’ support providers
  • European online information-platform
  • Guidelines on best practice concerning compensation scheme
  • Local workshops, transnational seminar