FAIRCOM is Financed by the European Union Justice Program (2014-2020)
Grant Agreement: 847360 — FAIRCOM — JUST-AG-2018/JUST-JACC-AG-2018

The main objective of the FAIRCOM project is to establish and promote an efficient and effective model for fair and appropriate compensation to victims of sexual crimes in the EU by:

  • Analysing national legal frameworks regulating compensations for victims and their practical efficiency to identify main barriers and differences among the legislations
  • Identifying the best practices in this field
  • Developing international guidelines on the compensation scheme adapted to their needs
  • Implementing training activities for legal practitioners and victims support services
  • Raising awareness among actors dealing with phenomenon.

FAIRCOM aims at setting EU wide minimum standards on the compensation to victims of sexual crimes to contribute to more coherent and consistent implementation of the Directive 2004/80/EC relating to compensation to crime and Directive 2012/29/EU establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime.

The specific objectives of FAIRCOM Project are:

  • Strengthen the effectiveness in awarding compensation to victims of sexual crimes in 5 EU member states
  • Improve knowledge and competences of professionals of justice systems and professionals working in victims’ support services on the implementation of fair and appropriate compensation to victims suffered sexual crimes
  • Increase awareness and access to information on the compensation scheme opportunities and procedures amongst victims
  • Intensify cooperation among the competent national authorities, NGOs and professional organisations in the field of victims’ right to compensation