Team FAIRCOM Project

FAIRCOM Project involves 6 partners from 5 European countries with complementary mix of skills, knowledge and expertise in the field of victim of sexual crimes and compensation.

In particular, there are two types of partners involved to guarantee diverse perspectives of viewing the problem of compensation:

  • Academic and research institutes, which will contributes with their legal and technical expertise to carry out analysis, development and training activities;
  • Victims’ representative organisations, which work directly with victims delivering support services and which will ensure a fully victim-centred approach during analytical and development phase and will have a key role in the transfer of the project results.

FAIRCOM Partners are:

  • University of Carlos III of Madrid (Spain). The research group involves professionals specialised in criminal procedure, restorative justice and gender violence. They focus on restorative justice in particular: enhancing of victim’s role in the process, monetary compensation, emotional and physical restoration, improvement of the assistance. They closely cooperate with the Spanish police, Red Cross, Spanish Bar Association, Prosecutors’ Office of the General Council of Judicial Power.
  • University of Sassari (Italy). The participating research group is composed of psychologists and lawyers, and their activity is focused on restorative justice, especially from the victim-cantered approach. They have more than 20 years of experience in theoretical analysis, research & intervention in the area of sexual violence. Between 2009-11 they coordinated the EU project focused on sexual violence against children & young people. Currently, they implement a pilot project on restorative justice together with the Penitentiary Institution of Nuchis and the Municipality of Tempio Pausania.
  • Union of Women Associations of Heraklion Prefecture (Greece). This NGO provides support services for abused women & children such as psychological support, legal advice, etc. It operates the 24/7 emergency telephone line and the shelter for women victims of domestic violence. This entity participates in national & international networks for protections & promotion of Human Rights (WAVE Network, EUROCHILD, Anna Lindh Foundation) and cooperates closely with local institutions as well as governmental institutions.
  • Stichting VU (Netherlands). Their research group consists of a criminal lawyer, 2 civil lawyers, a victimologist and a psychologist. The group has expert knowledge on legal representation and compensation of victims of severe crimes, including sexual violence. The group has close collaborations with the Dutch Victim Support organisation, which supports more than 7500 victims of sexual violence per year. They also have close connections with The Dutch Compensation Fund, which has an extensive network of practitioners assisting victims of severe crimes.
  • Centre MARTA (Latvia) is an NGO that provides support and professional assistance (social worker, psychologists, psychotherapists, lawyers and other specialists) to women in Latvia – non-citizens and migrants, women with low income and unemployed women, female victims of human trafficking and of domestic violence. MARTA Centre works to ensure justice for victims of violence providing direct support for victims, assisting in litigation as well as working on improvement of legal acts and educating stakeholders.
  • Universidad Oberta de Catalunya (Spain). The participating research group “Criminal justice system” is focused on victimology, restorative justice and the system of criminal sanctions. In particular, its Principal Investigator, Josep Tamarit, has a vast expertise in the field of child victims of sexual crimes, leading among others the Research Project “The sexual victimization of minors and their criminal protection” (2013-2016) promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Competitiveness.