RETREAT – Online national executive reports

The European Project RE-TREAT aims to promote changes in criminal proceedings involving victims of sexual offences in the justice systems of Spain, Italy and Greece.

The first year of work of the project partners, which include the Universidad Carlos III and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven, the University of Sassari and the Union of Women Associations of Heraklion (UWAH) and Eurocrime, focused on the treatment that victims of sexual violence receive in the three Mediterranean countries.

Thanks to the involvement of professionals from the legal sector (police, prosecution, judiciary, lawyers) and victim support (anti-violence centres and associations), the analysis of report, court files and sentences, it was possible to take a photograph of the state of the art and produce an accurate analysis of the judicial systems. At the same time, best practices related to the treatment of victims during judicial proceedings were identified, with particular attention to the Belgian judicial system, which is considered a model in this field.

The results have been collected in a comprehensive report, including national ones, identified best practices, guidelines and recommendations on their applicability in Spain, Greece and Italy. The document is available for download from the official project website for maximum dissemination within the European community.