FAIRCOM – A new Inter-Ministerial Decree is in effect in Italy from January 2020

The European Directive was accepted in Italy with Law 122/2016, which established the state compensation modalities for victims of sexual violence on a fixed basis: for all crimes, the medical costs incurred and documented up to a maximum amount of 10 thousand euros.

In November 2019, a New Inter-ministerial Decree (become effective after the publication in the Official Gazette on January 24th, 2020) was issued which establishes:

  • For murder, a fixed amount of 50 thousand euro;
  • For murder committed by the spouse or by a person linked by relationship to the offended person, a fixed amount of 60 thousand euros exclusively in favour of the children of the victim;
  • For sexual violence, in the fixed amount of 25 thousand euros (except for less seriousness).

Medical expenses of up to € 10,000 can be added to this amount, if certified.