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University of Sassari (Italy). The participating research group is composed of psychologists and lawyers, and their activity is focused on restorative justice, especially from the victim-cantered approach. They have more than 20 years of experience in theoretical analysis, research & intervention in the area of sexual violence. Between 2009-11 they coordinated the EU project focused on sexual violence against children & young people. Currently, they implement a pilot project on restorative justice together with the Penitentiary Institution of Nuchis and the Municipality of TempioPausania.



Prof.ssa Patrizia Patrizi – Full professor of Social Psychology and Psychology and Law (UNISS)


Patrizia Patrizi is full professor of Social Psychology and Psychology and Law at the University of Sassari, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences – DUMAS. She teaches Social Psychology and Restorative Practices, Community Psychology. She is responsible of university service for psychological counseling and coaching “OrientAzione” and president of the Guarantee Committee against discrimination, for equal opportunities and enhancement of the well-being of workers.

She worked as an expert at the Court of Surveillance (1983-1992) and as a national level-consultant for Juvenile Justice (1992-1997). She also took part in study groups at the Ministry of Justice. She is on the register of Lazio’s Psychologists and she is qualified for the practice of psychotherapy. She teaches specialization courses and master degrees in Psychology and Law in various universities

In 2014 she starts in Italy, in Nuchis – Tempio Pausania, the first program of research work on the construction of a restorative community. In that framework a model that follows the principles of Restorative Justice was developed: Co.Re. model – Community of restorative relationships. She was scientific coordinator of the first research commissioned by the Region of Sardinia (one of the first in Italy) on the phenomenon of abuse and neglect of children and adolescents.


She is member of the Board of European Forum for Restorative Justice. She is senior member of the Italian Psychology Association (AIP – Dep. of Social Psychology), of the Italian Psychological Society (SIPs – Società Italiana di Psicologia). She is President of the International Society of Psychology and Law, founder member of the Italian Association of Psychology and Law and honorary member of SIPP – Italian society of Penitentiary Psychology. She is president of PsicoIus. Roman school of psychology and law. In 2008 and in 2012, she received an award at the University of Sassari for her scientific productivity.


Dr. Gian Luigi Lepri – Psychologist and Research Fellow in Restorative Justice (UNISS)

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Gian Luigi Lepri was born in Gualdo Tadino (PG) on 11 August 1968. He is a psychologist (registered n. 7166 in the professional psychologists register of Lazio since 05.09.1997), expert in legal psychology and psychotherapist with a short strategic orientation (annotation from 03.05. 2002). From February 2011 to June 2016 he was honorary judge at the Juvenile Court of Rome.

Since 2010 he is methodological consultant of the OrientAzione Service, University Orientation Center, University of Sassari. Since February 2017 he has been in charge of the Clinical Area and of the Legal Psychology Service of CEAS, Hospitality and Solidarity Educational Center. He also participated in various professional and research experiences of an international nature. He trained and specialized following the theoretical elaborations of prof. Gaetano De Leo (1940-2006) continued by Prof. Patrizia Patrizi and her group.

In academic field, on 14 January 2017 he concluded the contract for the research fellowship “The study and analysis of the skills of the professionals working in the contexts where gangs operate, a perspective of restorative and relational community”, at the ‘University of Sassari, scientific director Prof. Patrizia Patrizi.

In addition, he was the holder of a research grant, from January 2014 to December 2015, “Study and analysis of restorative practices for the creation of a restorative city model”, which aims to experiment with restorative practices capable of involving the whole community: school, family, police, courts, municipalities, associations, on the model of the English restorative cities. University of Sassari, scientific director Prof. Patrizia Patrizi. He has been a research fellow on training models in the quality management of the network of services in emergency situations involving children and adolescents at the University of Modena.

Expert in Legal Psychology and Deviance. Planner, consultant, trainer and supervisor in the psychosocial, socio-health and psychological-legal field for ministries, law enforcement agencies, local bodies and private social associations (S.O.S. Il telefono azzurro, CEAS, Il Cammino, etc.). Consultant at the Ministry of Education, University and Research – General Directorate for Student, Integration, Participation and Communication for a Monitoring Project for Regional Observers on Bullying / Citizenship and Constitution.

He has and has had teaching positions in various university Masters in: Legal Psychology and Criminology (Director prof.ssa Cristina Cabras), of the University of Cagliari. Legal Psychology (Director Prof. Antonietta Curci), University of Bari. Diagnosis and Intervention in Legal Psychology (Director Prof. Daniela Pajardi), University of Urbino. Investigative, judicial and penitentiary psychology (Director Prof. Filippo Petruccelli), University of Cassino. Expert in evaluation, diagnosis and intervention in situations of abuse and mistreatment (Director Prof. Ernesto Caffo), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Expert in psychiatry and legal psychology (Director Prof. Ernesto Caffo, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.).

He is the author and coauthor of many scientific contributions, the last areas of reflection concern the themes of restorative justice (The perspectives of restorative justice, in collaboration with P. Patrizi), in P. Patrizi, Psychology of deviance and crime, Carocci , Rome, 2011; Victims, perpetrators and offenders: the paths of restorative justice (in collaboration with P. Patrizi), in P. Patrizi, Manual of juvenile legal psychology, Carocci, Rome, 2012). Restorative and relational local community: from inclusion to wellbeing, (in collaboration with P. Patrizi, E. Lodi, B Dighera) Minorigiustizia, 1: 81-92, 2016; Restorative Practices and the youth criminal justice (in collaboration with D. Tripiccione and C. Sorace) Minorigiustizia, 1: 81-92, 2016.


Dr. Ernesto Lodi

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Psychologist and psychotherapist, Ph.D. in “Sciences of Vocational and Educational Guidance”, Researcher on Social Psychology at University of Sassari, Honorary Judge at the Juvenile Court of Sassari. He is a member of Restorative Practices Team, directed by prof. Patrizia Patrizi, where he is a reference point for the psychology of wellbeing and research methodology. He is a member of the board of the SIO-Italian Society for Vocational Guidance, he is member of the EFJ-European Forum for Restorative Justice and PsicoIus-Roman School of Psychology and Law. He was a research fellow for 3 years at the University of Sassari and researcher and counselor for the psychological counseling service “OrientAzione”. He is part of an international research group on the courage promoted by Larios (University of Padua). He worked in several European Projects, for example: (2015-2018) FrameGang- European Framework of Competences for Community Professionals working in Gang Environments; (2017-2019) VAST-Victim Analysys and Safety Tools. His training, professional and research activities have always focused on the issues of social psychology and developmental psychology, with particular reference to psychology and law, restorative justice, positive psychology and educational and vocational guidance. On these issues he is the author of several scientific publications, chapters in books, articles and he has been a speaker in several national and international scientific congresses.


Dr. Nicola Piccinini

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Social psychologist, expert in communication and marketing. Personal branding consultant. Administrator of Liquid Plan srl (2012) and creator of the web portal, the first Italian e-learning community for online training and updating in Psychology. Director of the Psychology Festival (2015), one of the main psychological dissemination events in Italy Councilor of ENPAP (2013), National Body of Social Security and Assistance for Psychologists He was President of the Order of Psychologists of Lazio (2014/2019) Professor. Blogger. Business owner. Husband and Father.


Dott.ssa Doriana Chirico

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Psychologist and trainee in Cognitive Psychotherapy.

Graduated in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Rehabilitation at the University of Rome “Sapienza”, she completed her training by attending a second level master’s degree in Forensic Psychopathology and Neuropsychology at the University of Padua. The thesis work dealt with the possible synapses between Neuroscience and Criminal Law, focusing on new areas of application for the psychologist within the criminal process.

Winner of “Torno Subito 2017” bursary from the Lazio Region through the project “Forensic Neuropsychology: new areas of application for Neuroscience as a resource for professional enhancement and for the protection of the territory”, began to collaborate with Prof. Patrizia Patrizi and PsicoIus – Scuola Romana di Psicologia Giuridica since 2018 and joined the Team of Restorative Justice Practices of the University of Sassari.